MODELS - play such and important roll at CBN. Models participate in hair shows, fashion shows, photo shoots and a wide range of industry trade shows and competitions. An amazing opportunity to start building a portfolio, or to enhance an existing one.

HAIR STYLISTS - Whether a hair show competition in Toronto, a photoshoot in Calgary, or a seminar at one of our many schools....and for everything in between......we have made it simple to showcase your work and create an outstanding portfolio for others to see. We have also made it easy for you to source out the exact talent you need to help you achieve "your best".

PHOTOGRAPHERS - know that by joining CBN you have now opened up several different avenues. Your ability to find talent & create new jobs are now endless . And your creative edge will not go unnoticed. It's a win win situation for you!

MAKE-UP ARTISTS - have the ability to totally transform a face & create magic. They appreciate what CBN has to offer & realize the endless opportunities to find new jobs & network with other professionals.

NAIL TECHNICIANS- also have a forum to showcase their wonderful talent & allow others to benefit from it.

DESIGNERS - utilize our site to find the perfect model for their specific needs. Searching for that model just became easier at CBN for the designer and/or their assistant.

HAIR SALONS - now have a network of models to choose from. Hair shows are stressful enough without having to scout out talent in so many different areas. CBN just made that very easy for the Salons to acquire the exact models they are searching for. Also, salons can showcase the talents of their salon team. What a great way to promote yourselves!

BEAUTY SCHOOLS - have an unbelievable advantage in joining CBN.....the graduates find it so easy to find jobs & recruit talent. Great opportunities for both the beauty school & their students.

FASHION STYLISTS - are unique in their ways. They find the perfect outfit for the perfect model. Opportunities are now at their fingertips, with new jobs & great talent.

SUPPLIERS - Can promote themselves on our site to connect with multiple businesses.